Viola Melon, Baiser Melocoton

A film in a godess, 2014
Synchronised videos, colour, sound, 10'
velvet, leather, cotton wool, polyamide
Variable dimension
Sound: Vincent Denieul
with : Julia Propos, Clara PIchard

Views of the installation at PSM Gallery Berlin - solo show "Viola Melon, Baiser Melocoton" november 2013
and at Galerie Edouard Manet, école de Gennevilliers - solo show "Viola Melon, Baiser Melocoton" 2014

Through the eyes of the goddess Demeter (a sofa where you are invited to lay on, so called «the Femme-Salon-Cinema) you can share a bit of her vision, two girls talking about the damages of alcohol among teenagers. The tale ends surely and badly, the goddess wants to punish them, their livers turn into two meringues.


- "I am Demeter, goddess of earth watching the earthlings. My body is a field of things that will grow, my eyes are underground and I'm watching the earthlings living from what I am. I'm taking their veins for my roots, their blood is the possible rain breaking onto my more or less fertile body, their tears and their sweat too. I am kind, I'm gentle, very gentle, I am their mother. I love them, I like punishing them, I like rewarding them, I like touching them. I do what I want with my children.

(A bit before getting closer to the two characters, before going between their two legs) : - "For example, I have two girls. They are beautiful. They are mine. They must not see me, I will take them by surprise later. They need to be relaxed Are they drinking ? No, they're talking about drinking, that makes a difference, they are good, they are very good. I am staying watching them, I stay like the gods, invisible." (Time has passed, the white car passed by)

-"Oh, I cannot stand it any more, I'm boiling like a vulcano, I want to throw myself outside." The girls are dancing, impudently)

- "I'm coming out, I'm standing in front of my two girls, I am huge, I am supple, soft, I'm free. I'm whirling around, I'm engulfing the atmosphere, I'm Demeter, goddess of earth!


− …this world includes diverse locations such as bars, clubs and discotheques

− Designed as a separate world of consumption, the foremost purpose of those evenings out is to make people consume alcohol.

− OK, um, alcohol allows the teenager to shed their inhibitions at parties or to neutralize any possibly uncomfortable feelings … Well, still I won't say "The good news is that France has been drinking less for 30 years now! Except for the young, between 15 and 25, they resist more and more, look, that's it, they resist, they want to drink, they are thirsty!"

− Yes but we say this all along the intro, come on!

− What was that again about the rites of initiation?

− For?

− For generations, the young have gathered in diverse locations to party, with the contribution, alcohol

− The good news is that France has been drinking less for 30 years now! But one range of age is resisting, the 15 to 25-years-old, sin has a new world of consumption, the world of the night.

− This world includes diverse locations such as bars, clubs and discotheques.

− Designed as … locations of party

− Designed as … melons