"A bar is a bar" at HBC BERLIN.
A proposition by Fanny Gonella

Bar, installation

A bar is a bar is a bar
Friday, April 27, from 9 pm
Drink, music and display by Pauline Curnier-Jardin.
Bernadette meets Maria.
Grotto is a space-time whole, it is kindly required to go on your knees. Bloody (holy) Mary will be served.

" HBC is not an exhibition space. It is a bar. I chose to make this situation clear by inviting the artists to deal with the situation of the bar in a tautological way : they conceive their own "bar" for the space. A bar consists of: the bar counter, the stools, the drinks, the music. But no one goes to a bar for one of these reasons. The bar is a place to project one╩╝s desires on a fantasmatic reality.
The situation set by the art program produces a reflect of the bar as a place of desire. In this context, the bachelor machine or desiring machine is a central character. The bar made by the artist is conceived for this bachelor machine. The visitor is the bachelor machine.[...]
The desire is here condensed or rather made visible by the reflecting surface of a semi-transparent mirror foil placed behind the bar. Behind the foil there is a piece by the artist, or an image he choses to show, sufficiently lighten in order to see through the foil that there is something behind it. Consequently, each time someone is trying to see the piece behind the bar, he or she looks at him or herself. Going behind the bar to watch the piece, he becomes the voyeur that can look at the art or at the people from behind the foil, without being seen.
This situation takes apart the experience of the bar as a place of seduction, of the attempt to interfere with theOther. It places the visitor in a setting that is at the same time narcistic and voyeuristic. "

Fanny Gonella