Performance version / version performée - 15 th of december 2011 at L'Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton-Paris in the exhibition "Anicroches. Variations, choral et fugue"

Performance version / version performée - 31st of july 2009 at Laboratoire d'Aubervilliers - Paris

Installation version/version installation - 2010 - in the exhibition "Dynasty" at Musée d'Art Moderne de la ville de Paris. Images: Lola Reboud

Le Salon d'Alone

2008-2010 - 30 min
120 slide pictures, original music, booklet, wall painting, reindeer skins.

Text, direction, story : Pauline Curnier Jardin
Music written and composed : Fred Bigot and Catriona Shaw
Images : Elina Juopperi
Text: French and english, subtitled
Project realised with the help of Musée d''Art Moderne de la ville de Paris, DRAC ile-de-france, Vision Forum Lingkopping Universitet.

This piece can be seen on a stage, as a show (what I call a slide-play), or as an installation, both including a vinyl and a booklet.
The story : The tale told in this piece is the story of Seule-Alone, the only human being on earth, who is alone in a house wich used to be a veterinary clinic. Often she leaves the building to go out and try to find people whith whom she could speaks. In the meantime, Alone left, all the objects of the living-room tell their incredible stories.

Seule-Alone est la seule humaine au monde. Persuadée que seul le langage fait la différence entre humains et animaux, dans sa grande solitude elle pense être un cheval. Afin de se prouver le contraire elle sort tous les jours à la recherche de gens à qui parler. Et c'est alors qu'en son abscence les objets de son salon tiennent des discours métaphysiques.

Screen shots from the slide-show / Photogrammes du diaporama
Images : Elina Juopperi

Le Salon d'Alone
vynil and booklet

2010 - 30 min

Original silk screen of Pauline Curnier Jardin
edition : 100 - 12 inche LP - Original integral music of the piece by Fred Bigot and Catriona Shaw
Text, artwork, illustrations: Pauline Curnier Jardin
Text: French and english, subtitled
Translation: Christopher Silva

Original integral music by Fred Bigot and Catriona Shaw and original text by Pauline Curnier Jardin for the piece LE SALON D'ALONE.
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musique originale de Fred Bigot et Catriona Shaw et texte intégral de Pauline Curnier Jardin de l'OPERA LE SALON D'ALONE